Project Description

Brightwell Dispensers Distribution Centre

Install a UV water treatment system and complete electrical system

Commercial Electrician in Sussex


Brightwell purchased a new unit on the port in Newhaven to act as their main distribution centre for the UK. Due to the location of these premises the factory did not have any toilets on site and were looking for commercial electrician in Sussex.


  • To get round this problem we installed a water sewage treatment system to break down all toilet waist so that it can then be pumped out into the local drains.
  • We installed a UV water treatment system to make sure the water from the port was drinkable and safe to use along with designing the complete electrical system to cater all offices, warehouse lighting and small local single and three phase power.
  • We also installed all air conditioning services to the offices.

The Unit also didn’t have any gas servicing the unit so we installed a caller gas unit to supply all commercial heating we also installed.